Saturday, March 8, 2014



Part one

“Getting there is half the fun...”

I’ve been flying for nearly four decades 
I remember
Flying was:
Travel agents
The smoking section of the plane
The occasional pat down in a curtained room
Checking up to two bags for free
Luggage with no wheelies
Carry on for a toothbrush and extra panties
Metal eating utensils
Warm food served to everyone
Warm hand towels for everyone
Travel was glamorous

Oh how times have changes.

Flying is :
Expedia and Travelocity
NO SMOKING anywhere/anytime
 Passing through TSA
Perhaps being subjected to a full body scan
Rules and restrictions on ounces of carry on liquids
WiFi for purchase
Food for purchase
Extra charges for:
an aisle seat,
checking a bag
early boarding (to avoid the charge/inconvenience of checking a bag)
Travel is tedious

No more little kids getting to sit
 in the cockpit
with the captain
Maybe put his hat on

No more
Friendly Skies

No more

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