Sunday, September 14, 2014

An old- fashioned
fan letter

Chris Isaak
Last night
I went to see you.
I’ve lost count of
how many times
 I’ve seen you
Over the  years
that now amount
  to a lifetime.

But every time
 I see you
Is like 
the first time.
You never disappoint

Flashing lights
Flashing guitars
And there you were
In your sequined suit
Like a matinee idol

You entertained
with passion

And your voice
all the notes
all the places
all the hearts.

I was under your spell.
till the final encore.

And you left the stage.

I waited
By the stage door

And there you were

In your khaki and plaid
Even more dreamy

A young woman
in a wheelchair.
You went over
and hugged her.

My heart melted.

You worked your way
through the crowd.
Close enough to touch.

My heart fluttered.

We exchanged
a few words
a few moments
I said,Darlin’...Chestnut tie clip...
You said,”I still have it.”
I was breathless.

Like a giddy teenager
I asked  to snap a photo.
you obliged.

You could not have known
how bleak
and grey
I had been.

Until that moment..

I stepped back
 and watched you
 in the crowd

signing autographs
posing for photos

I stepped back                                                 

and  watched
your generosity of spirit.

My heart melted.

Until we meet again.
With love and thanks
from the bottom of my heart.                             

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