Saturday, November 15, 2014

Greer @Pratt Brooklyn 1978
In memory of Greer Lankton...

In 1978
Greer Lankton
painted my portrait.
Greer  Lankton was
my friend.
Greer Lankton was
at once
like all of us.
And yet
not  like
any of us.

I visited
an exhibition
of Greer’s work
of her remains.

There were
her dolls
her photos
her sculptures
her paintings
her postcards
her perfume bottles               
her videos
her eyes
her glamour
her black humor
her soul                        
her pain
her memories
her memory

I heard
the curator
to a group
of art students.
She said, “Greer always named her dolls.This was very important to her...”
Yes, I thought,then why aren’t THESE dolls named,why aren’t these works labeled,dated.Why is there no context?

I don’t believe
she knew                                                          
what she was talking about.

No longer
able to listen
I blocked her

Deafening sadness
filled my ears.
for Greer leaving.
for all
that was
And all
that can
never be

I looked
at Greer’s remains                       
through my iPhone screen
To create

 Not sure
 if I could really
Or really
Greer’s things
That stuck
in my throat.

Greer-you were
at once
like all of us
and yet,
not like
any of us.




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