Monday, December 30, 2013


You may have heard.
This past October,Lou Reed died.
When I heard the news ,I cried.
All day.
I didn’t know why but I could not stop crying.
Then I realized.

Lou Reed’s death was a reminder of so many other deaths.
The death of a Times Square that was neither family friendly nor Disneyland.
The death of Avenues A,B,C,D were NO taxi would come to pick you up. Ever.
And the death of the bright and beautiful people who flitted through those worlds.
And mine.

I realized.
I was crying for Lou Reed.
I was crying for New York.
I was crying for me.

I happened to visit my mother during this time.
Searching for some family papers
My mother said ”Look what I found.”
Amongst the death certificates,Holy Communion cards and birth announcements
She had kept a copy of my high school newspaper
And the review I wrote of a Halloween Lou Reed concert.

Thank you,Mom.
Thank you,Lou Reed.

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