Saturday, December 7, 2013

Put it on a T-shirt....

Words to Live by:
(and oxymorons to ponder)

"If your earrings are big enough,no one will notice."
                                                    - Stephen Watkins

"I created the reality you are living in right now."
                                                  -Raymond Ercoli
"Sometimes, it's enough just to get through the day."
                                                      - Carl Pelizoto

"You can lead a horse to holy water,but you can't make him think."
                                                         -Lauren B

"More is less...more or less."
"Vertigo:it runs in my family"

                                           Punk Snob

                                          Yoga mogul
                                          Yoga bully
                                          Yoga police

                                          Yoga diva
                                          Yoga chic
                                          Yoga porn

"Words on a t-shirt make it cheap and sexy"
                                     -Madeleine Darling fashion editor/Vogue 1906-1982

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