Wednesday, January 8, 2014

from "The Year of the Diamond Dogs"

In 1974 I bought these ruby slippers special for my first David Bowie concert.
A dream come true.
It seemed forever until the July concert arrived.

My friend, Gia and I arrived at the show and were told our assigned seats were already occupied.
By the sound equipment.
Our tickets were upgraded:
fourth row orchestra seats.
With squeals of delight, we bounced to our seats.

The show defied definition.

Halfway through a rare encore- Chuck Berry’s “Around and Around” - Gia grabbed my arm and pulled me up the aisle.
“Hey.What are you doing?Where are we going?” , I asked.
“To the stage door.Follow me”, she said.

We raced out of the theater and around the corner.The small alley was blocked with yellow police barricades.
“Now what?” I said.
“Let’s go.” Gia gave me a push  and we jumped over the barricades.

Perfect timing.
Bowie’s black limo was slowly sliding down the alley.
Much to my surprise- and everyone else’s- Gia jumped and landed splat on the front of the  limo.
A grinning,waving teenage hood ornament.

Ava Cherry was in the backseat looking somewhat startled and amused.
I was frantically waving from the sidelines.
Bowie gave a grimace and royal wave as he slowly sank into the backseat.
The driver kept going.
Picking up a little speed.

Gia rolled off the hood.
“You think he coulda stopped”,she said.

No matter to me.
It was a dream come true.

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