Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pranayama yo' Mama

Leigh Bowery,London 1990.Photograph by Steve Pyke

 harnessing the “life force” (breath)

Yoga is
A never ending journey.
Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful, patient teachers and apprentices.
(except maybe that teacher in Oaxaca who knocked me over while adjusting me in a standing forward fold which resulted in my unnatural fear of standing forward folds.)

Although I am a teacher myself(fashion,not yoga)
I am kind of a challenging student
Not on purpose.
But I can be a dope.

I listen but don’t always really hear.
(Though not on purpose.)
I have chronic vertigo.
Knee issues
The only “muscle memory” my body possesses
Is that of it’s bad habits.
My “monkey mind” is a little too chatty.
My excuses are sometimes rational (to me)
And often irrational (even to me)
“Oh,there’s a chip in my toenail polish..”
etc etc.
Life gets in the way...
(or at least,that's what I allow)

In the new year,
After my teacher, *David Garrigues’ Bhakti Bash
Working with asana
And the *harnessing of breath
I have been amazed at the power
Of a little extra effort
Pranayama practice.

(David Garrigues, who has been my teacher for quite sometime now,probably feels like banging his head against the wall reading over these words.He’s been talking pranayama for,like,forever. )

What I did yesterday
I may not be able to do today
And tomorrow
May be another totally different story.
Impermanence rules.

The only sure thing is
It propels
It transforms
It focuses.
And when that stops
Everything stops.

Not to send you (or me) down any marigold path.
What I’m experiencing is
a hairline crack
of a glimmer
of this self induced power.

But,I’m starting to get it now.
Better late than not at all.

*Check out David Garrigues talking about the practice and pranayama

photograph by Joanna Darlington

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